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Feb. 23rd, 2006




After many debates with myself
I've decided:
This journal is now





leave a comment with who or what you are if you wish to be added






Updated December 17th 2009:
To all yee people I know in real life: Sorry, you've been removed. I haven't contacted any of you to tell you so personally, but this was something I've been considering for quite a while and finally decided to go with it. If I ever change my mind again I'll have a personal talk with those I'll give access to again. Sorry.



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Dec. 18th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
so if people cant read your journal and make comments that make you feel worthless then maybe you shouldnt do it to others.
Dec. 18th, 2008 09:56 pm (UTC)
I decide who gets in and who doesn't. This journal exists since 2002 and I take good care of it.

You can do the same with your journal. No one forced you into making those posts open.
(Screened comment)
Jan. 10th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)
PS, if any other one of you dimwits dare spam my PERSONAL livejournal with this crap I will report spam to LJ abuse.
May. 8th, 2010 03:00 pm (UTC)
FUCK YOU!! You ugly ass bitch!! Get the fuck outta my community NOW!!
May. 8th, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
What's wrong babycakes710? Got a bit of butthurt? Too scared to show your real username here? Guess what, livejournal still sends a copy of a reply, even if you change your mind and delete it.

Anyway, then I did some homework. Found this. http://community.livejournal.com/proana4ever/profile

Whoo, babycakes710, it's not even YOUR community!

Anyway. Thanks for the lulz you just provided on my very own EEL JAY!
Oct. 9th, 2011 11:31 am (UTC)
It's kinzokutaka! Have a good birthday this week!
Oct. 9th, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC)
HAI!!! I didn't know you changed your handle. And I see you've added me, adding you back :)

Oct. 8th, 2012 05:12 pm (UTC)
I actually have three LJs. Oy. Happy birthday!
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